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Terms & Condition

In the realm of online shopping, opurno.com is a well-known name. It is a great platform for

buying your necessary products through online. In this case, this platform upholds some rules

and regulations with the clients. The clients have to obey the following terms while receiving the

products if any return is necessary for any unexpected reasons:

Stained or damaged: Please check the product keeping eyes open. If any wreck or torn is found,

mention it to the delivery man just that time. We will take the product return and exchange it

within a weak.

Unmatchable product: if any product is seemed unmatched according to your order details,

inform us over the phone or to our email, we will return it and send again your chosen product.

Suppose, you have ordered size 37 but we have sent 38.

Missing products: We always try to package the products consciously according to the list. Yet,

if there is any missing of the products while packaging in the case of multiple items, you must

inform us rapidly after receiving the products. We will send the missing item as early as possible.

You will be given our email number. You can take photos and send the images mentioning ID

number to our email.

Your return application will be rejected for the following reasons:

Request after 72 hours is not granted.

If color or size matches with your order.

The used product is not returnable.

The product is unchangeable after your satisfactory confirmation of getting the products.