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Privacy & Policy

Privacy policy refers to information that is submitted by you or from your site so that we can identify you or contact with you uniquely. The information is generally your name, address, contact number, e-mail address, credit card information and so on. 

Responsible handle: our every client is honorable to us. Opurno.com tries heart and soul to respect our customers from all aspects. We are entirely aware of your personal information so that you don’t have to face any trouble or uneasy. We would like to assure you that we have a responsible handle to keep your information safe and sound. 

Willful submission: At the time of making an order for the product, returning any item, subscribing to our mail, creating an account or taking part in any contest or receiving an offer, if you willfully submit your information, we will collect them safely and handle responsibly. 

The reason why your personal information is needed and will be used:

  • In order to notify you time to time about our products. 

  • We constantly improve our site, service, content, sources etc. We use your information to inform you about our update activities.

  • In the case of participating in researching the process of the market, we can contact you. 

  • To inform you about our update collection and update of the site. 

  • We can send you various catalogs of fashionable products and new design. 

  • We can tell you about any of our offer for any occasion. 

  • We can send you newsletters or information about an announcement in your email address. 

  • For the assurance of the product supply and verification of financial transactions. 

For the delivery of the product, purno.com may pass your address and name to our supplier or courier. Our agents will help you to get the product perfectly and ensure any fraud protection. They will analyze the necessary data from you and also help us in the part of the payment. So, you should submit the correct address in order to find you out easily. You should also inform us if you update or change any information at least till the product acceptance. 

We will try to store your order details on our site. You can view your submitted information by accessing your account (subscribed newsletter, bank details, address, and order details). You can change your password. If you wish, we can keep the information stored or erase. 

So to say, you have right to say us to correct any data. We may use your data for marketing purposes or to assure our other visitors for many purposes. If you have any concern about this matter, you have the right to say us to stop using your personal data. Actually, we are always ready to provide our clients with appropriate services from every angle according to their anticipation. 

Frankly speaking, we are responsible for any fault if that occurs for our ignorance but we cannot carry out any liability if that is not our fault or our part. 

A visitor can visit our site without submitting personal details. He/ she can browse ins and outs of the site to satisfy his necessities as we hope our visitors to be our clients next time. She/ he can remain unnamed.

Feel free to ask if you have any query in this address.